Microsoft Dynamics AX development

When you create a custom entity, you must create a staging table, a project, a query, a class, and functions. You must always create the class and functions manually, but you can use one of two methods to create the staging table, project, and query:

  • Use the Create a custom entity for data import/export wizard.
  • Create the staging table and query manually




the query is a definition of a target table. You can add   relationships if required for mapping


The table suffixed with “Entity” is the staging table to use for mapping


the foreign key using RecId. The EDT generated, is a   string field representing the code


The class is where we can put business logic. For example, the EDT with   RecId need to be resolved

Creation by using the “Create a custom entity for migration

  • Data Import/Export Framework > Common > Create a custom entity for data import/export [Data migration framework > Common > Create a custom entity for migration] (2012)


  • Select a table that is related to the entity that you want to migrate, and then click Next
  • On the “Select code generation parameters”, the wizard will suggest names for the
    staging table, query, and class


  • On the “Wizard complete” page, click “Finish”. The Data Import/Export Framework
    opens the AOT and creates a project for the custom entity
  • If the table that you selected uses an extended data type (EDT), then you will be asked whether you want to add the ForeignKey relation from the EDT to the new staging table. Click Yes to create the ForeignKey relationship



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