Microsoft Dynamics AX development

Object Server 01: An error has occurred in the services framework. Method: AifMessageInspector::AfterReceiveRequest. Error: System.ServiceModel.FaultException: Failed to logon to Microsoft Dynamics AX.
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Ax.Services.AxServiceOperationContext.InitializeSession()
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Ax.Services.AxServiceOperationContext.InitializeContext()
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Ax.Services.AxServiceOperationContext.Attach(OperationContext owner)
at System.ServiceModel.ExtensionCollection`1.InsertItem(Int32 index, IExtension`1 item)
at System.Collections.Generic.SynchronizedCollection`1.Add(T item)
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Ax.Services.AifMessageInspector.AfterReceiveRequest(Message& request, IClientChannel channel, InstanceContext instanceContext)

Add the AOS in the users’ list with System User and System Administrator permissions.


Comments on: "Error: Failed to logon to Microsoft Dynamics AX" (4)

  1. Martin Halberg said:

    Not really a solution but more a workaround. It’s not IMHO security-wise to add the AOS service account as AX user. As a matter of fact it’s not at all recommended.

    • Michael Lagerberg said:

      Has anyone found a solution (not a workaround) or even a root cause for these error messages?

  2. Manish Saxena said:

    One of the solution is to ensure that AIF application pool identity should be same as business connector proxy user and obviously with correct permissions.

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